Frequently Asked Questions

App Version:  1.0.0 (Build 1) onwards

Getting Started

ToDoBar is a macOS menu bar only app. This means it does not have a window like other conventional applications. To start, you can click on the ToDoBar icon from Launchpad or type ToDoBar on spotlight and hit enter. Once you do this, a tiny ToDoBar icon should appear on the menu bar. You can click on it and then start adding tasks.

You can click on the support link found at the bottom of this page. However, keep in mind that sometimes it can take a few hours to get a response.

Additionally, you can ask on Twitter, and follow @todobarapp to stay abreast of the latest updates.

ToDoBar doesn't offer a trial version on Apple Store but you can definitely try it out on Setapp for free once it's live there. They give a 7-day free trial to try out all the apps on their store, including ToDoBar.

You can easily request a full refund from Apple by following the instructions here if you're not satisfied with the app.

Having said that, I would request you to first reach out to me (by clicking on the support link at the bottom) with your issues and I can try my best to help. Additionally, you can request new features to be added to ToDoBar app.


You can create tasks by clicking on the ToDoBar icon at the top menu bar and then simply typing your text in the blank space. You can press Enter to create another task. If you do not see a blank space to enter your text, click on any task and press Enter.

If you want to delete a particular task, click on it and press Esc. You can also delete all the tasks at once by clicking the `Settings` icon at bottom right corner and then clicking `Delete All`.

It moves all the `current` tasks that are done to your `past tasks`. It no longer shows on the main popover, but you can still see them under `History`. If you don't want to see them under `History` then you can delete them instead.

By default, Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to have sticky notifications, but you can change it in System Settings... like shown below.



Currently, it is not but please make a request here and I can plan to release one outside of these stores.

Yes, you can buy Presentify and ToDoBar bundle on the Apple App Store for a discounted price.

No, the purchase is linked to your Apple Id and not to a device. Ergo, as long as you log in with the same Apple Id, you can download the ToDoBar app from the App Store and use it for free.